April, 2015

House of Mojoko -

Born in Iran, grew up in Hong Kong and now based in Singapore, Steve Lawler is the man behind Mojoko. Mojoko was founded in 2005 as a reaction to overuse of the computer. Working in all kinds of mediums, from silkscreen to plastics, this site documents only some Mojoko activities. For more frequent news and images please follow on social media such as INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.
September, 2015

Mirror Crack'd

Silkscreen print on Antique Chinese Mirror. Inspired by the Agatha Christie book, the mirror allows the viewer to participate in the work. By shifting the head new angles and shadows are revealed. Distorting the reflection, the eye zooms in and out creating a strange energy within the work. Heavily influenced by interactive and motion based digital media, these visual experiments literally "Come to life" when the viewer is interwoven with the graphics on the glass.
September, 2015

International Relations

Inspired by the absurd idea that "the same mountains depicted in beatiful landscape paintings of China are now overun with technology and pollution" the image is created by collaging found images in antique stores and comic books. Unfortunately this artwork is no longer available.
September, 2015

House Of Mojoko

‘The House of Mojoko’ is a multi-media exhibition over four floors of a brand new location in East Singapore.
Event page here.
Sept, 2015

Naked Lunch

Restyled Chinese side cabinet, inspired by the William Burroughs cult book "Naked Lunch". Created with silkscreen stencils
Size approx 60cm x 40cm
July, 2015


Collage piece inspired by the 1954 film "THEM". A study into the problem of paranoia and xenephobia existing in modern day.
Digital Manipulation.
Size approx 40cm x 30cm
July, 2015

Thriller at Raffles Hotel

In 1993, Singapores famous Chimpanzee Ah Meng was invited to visit Michael Jackson in Raffles Hotel and allegedly upset his pet monkey 'Bubbles' in the famous "Thriller at Raffles Hotel”
Silkscreen on fabric
Size approx 50cm x 70cm
May, 2015

The Last Malayan Tiger

Collage depicting the famous discovery of the Tiger in Sinagpore 1830s, drawing parallels to the modern day extinction of such animals.
Digital Manipulation
Size approx 20cm x 30cm
June, 2015

Poptart X

Artwork created for the 10th anniversary of cult music party "Poptart". Final poster for the event can be found here.

Size approx 100cm x 120cm
May, 2015

Animal Trade

Wheatpaste and torn paper on found art frame.
Size approx 70cm x 50cm
May, 2015

Ghost in the Machine

Wheatpaste and paper on abandoned fridge. Created in collaboration with Kult Outpost to promote the Kult Films exhibition in Haji lane.
Apr, 2015

Chinatown Drug Wars

Collection of Vintage Chinese medicine packaging rebooted for the modern generation. Old fashioned Viagra and Cialis designed to improve the libido in no-nonsense packaging for the 21st century.
Apr, 2015

Supermama Plates

Created in collaboration with Supermama. This faux-china will be part of an upcoming exhibition in the summer. Send me an email for enquiries or pre sales.
Feb, 2015

Beethoven Plus

This one of a kind piece is a salvaged antique mirror, re-puposed as a canvas. Depicting the classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven as a cult figure in contemporary culture. His clarity and timelessness cuts through the chaotic backdrop of modern pop culture. The image is silkscreened onto the reflective glass giving the viewer a chance to become part of the artwork.
Feb, 2015

Year of the Rambo

2015. The year of the Ram/Goat. This piece is a 70cm x 50cm silkscreen on rice paper in a limited edition of 100. The traditional chinese rice paper is extremely thin and fragile, so should be framed professionally. Comes signed and numbered.
July, 2015

Halloween Mash-Up Animation

An animation created for Halloween 2014. A mish-mash of 80's retro culture mixed up with some Michael Jackson.Watch it here
Sept, 2014

Banned! Axle F.

This artwork was created for an exhibition called ’Singled Out’ in Singapore. The project invited the artists to revisit their own personal soundtrack and to pick out a song that has made a positive impact in their lives. However my work was not allowed to be displayed as it was unable to be sold as it was an animation.
Well not to worry, it was a good excuse to make some new work, you can watch it on Vimeo here.
Aug, 2014

Private Commission

Invasion of the Bee Girls. Large 2 meter private commission for the office of PR Agency Hive Consulting. Learn about these nice people here.

July, 2014


4m x 2m artwork created for Kult Magazine. See the magazine here.

Feb, 2014

Naked Lunch

Artwork created for the Kapok Showcase "Asian Subconscious" along with 10 other artists from Singapore.

See the full collection here.

Aug, 2014


A large 2m collage created for a Frankenstein Exhibition in a dis-used warehouse. Inspired by genetic modification and the massive collection of B-Movies it has inspired over the years.

See the full collection here.

May, 2014

Chinatown Vinyl Squad

Artwork created for the Kult Exhibition "Chinatown Vinyl Squad. Mixed media collage on found object. Sold. ".

Read about the exhibition in the Wall Street Journal here.

Jan, 2014

Year of the Horse

2014. The year of the Horse. This piece is a 70cm x 50cm silkscreen on rice paper in a limited edition of 100. The traditional chinese rice paper is extremely thin and fragile, so should be framed professionally. Comes signed and numbered.

Available for sale here.

Sept, 2014

The Reactive Wall -
Sound Reactive Installation

Inspired by the bombardment of images in popular culture and media, this sound reactive installation animates a giant collection of pop iconic visuals via a large scale projections. Visitors become creators by making noise in a darkened room to generate an explosive collage of images and pop graphics.

Sound Reactive installation in collaboration with Shang Liang using Processing® in Reykjavik Art Museum in ©2014. Watch the video online here.

Jan 11, 2014

Neofolk -
Ceramic Vase

A customised Vintage Chinese Vase, using found imagery of old East and Wes movie posters, collaged onto vase. Size approx 1m tall.

Jan 11, 2014

Neofolk -
Big Brother

An animated piece inspired by ancient Chinese Painting. UThe digital distortion is a reference to modern digital culture corrupting the classical chinese traditions. An experimental video work. Please contact for Sales Enquiries.

Sept 23, 2013

Yellow Ribbon Project -
Prison Door

An art project between Mojoko and some of the inmates of Changi Prison Singapore. A mixed-media installation. The inmates painted their hopes and dreams of Freedom and Liberty on the inside of an old prison door, the project was part of the Yellow Ribbon Project 2013.

July, 2013

The Incredible Magical Expanding Room -
Sound Reactive Installation

Immersive interactive experience created in collaboration wth Mojoko & Shang Liang. This 4 wall projection reacts to the noise level in the room. The pitch controls the direction of the graphics.

Sound Reactive installation in collaboration with Shang Liang using Processing® at Singapore Art Museum in ©2013. Watch the video online here.

May, 2012

Culture Crash
Ceramic Tile Set

Set of 6 Ceramic tiles created for the Culture Crash Exhibition in Singapore and Tokyo. The limited edtion of 100 tiles were created with FLABSLAB.

January 23, 2011

CNY Year of the Dragon Silkscreen -
88 SGD Available

2012. The year of the Dragon. This piece is a 70cm x 50cm silkscreen on rice paper in a limited edition of 100. The traditional chinese rice paper is extremely thin and fragile, so should be framed professionally. Comes signed and numbered.

Jan, 2012

"Nobody can save us..."

This piece is a response to the title of the 2012 show Future Proof set in Singapore Art Museum. The public artwork presents us with a gentle reminder of the gradual decline of hope.

Check back soon for updates
Dec, 2011


Created for a private commision. This artwork is a mash up of trashy women in a trashy world. 1.5 meters long.

Prints Available upon request
Dec, 2011


Collabortion with FABRIX. This artwork is based on a collective memory. All characters were submitted by different people to be compiled into one celluloid dream.

Available online here
Oct, 2011


Created for Nixon Art Mosh. This piece is a look at the evil influence of vegas and the greed that will destroy the island. Edition of 100 Signed and numbered.

Prints Available upon request
Oct, 2011

Kult Issue #07 - NeoFolk

Neo Folk explores the work of artists in Asia who have been rediscovering their roots and traditional crafts, by remixing and creating images inspired by their heritage. As a reaction to the bland souvenir art that is widely available at airports and tourist shops, these artists are using the same visual language of their ancestors to create a commentary on contemporary Asian culture and society. This edition was created to support the cutlog contemporary art fair. Bourse du Commerce de Paris October 20 - 23, 2011.

Buy the magazine from kult
Sept, 2011


Created for 83 Club Street. A new bar/food joint in Chinatown. New sounds plus major big pieces from some of Singapore's new wave of underground artists. Prints available at the Bar. Go down and check it out.

Join their facebook here for updates
Sept, 2011

Elephant Parade Singapore

Inspired by all the destruction of the earth, the animals are fighting to stay alive, emerging from oil spoiled waters and deminishing rainforests, they seek revenge on humans. The artwork depicts the noise of modern culture and the constant barrage of images we are exposed to everyday at a maniacal pace. How will the animals survive our crazy world? Sold Via Auction at Southeby's
June, 2011

Attack on Golden Mountain

A massive 4m piece done as a commission. Funnily enough it is sitting in a fucking cool bank in Singapore. Respect if you can find out where it is...

June, 2011

Danger on Fantasy Island

An exploration of temptations and danger found on Fantasy island. Partly based on real life.. Woah!

June, 2011

Masters of the Universe

A play between the renaissance masters, and the cult cartoon he-man. Been finding a lot of he-man shit recently, so watch out in coming artworks. Thanksyou Monster Brains.

June, 2011

Kult Issue #06 - Animals

Every 20 minutes a species of animal or plant vanishes forever. Humans are largely to blame for an accelerated extinction of these creatures and their habitat. In this issue of Kult, we celebrate animals and the lives they lead.

January, 2011

Project Singa - Robocop

Singa Lion, the well-known kindness mascot, will be unveiled as an all-new urban vinyl figurine as part of the World Kindness Day celebrations. In this range of specially created designs, the Singa Lion figurines were pimped out by a range of new artists. 20 seconds to Comply!

January, 2011

Pantone my Art

PantoneMyArt brings together the work of ten Singapore-based artists, who are given the challenge of creating artworks in predominantly one colour that they were individually assigned. Pantone© refers to a proprietary colour matching system, traditionally used in a variety of design and printing industries. In the exhibition context, this colour reference will extend to a wide range of mediums, from painting to digital art.

January, 2011

Pretty Grotesque - A Solo Exhibition

In this circus of peculiarities, Mojoko explores the boundaries of the beautiful and the grotesque. In his first solo show we discover the fine line between the grotesque, the strange and the fantastic. With priveleged access to the Vue Privee archives, he has unearthed some bizarre documents and photography and remixed them to become the basis for this show.

Vue Privee
January, 2011

Couture Jamming - Newton Circus

Newly established Newton Circus, a sustainanbility consultancy commissioned an installation for their street facing office.

Newton Circus
January, 2011

Kult Issue #05 - Fear

Curated and Art-Directed the fifth issue of Kult Magazine.

June, 2010

Feiyue Reinventions -

A tribute to the concept of Flying Forward. Reinventing an old product and giving it a new life. These old toys, which have an air of nostalgia about them, were remixed and refreshed for a new generation. Extremely limited edition and carefully hand crafted, these Feiyue Thunderbirds will take you into the next century.

December, 2010

Kult Issue #04 -

Curated and Art-Directed the fourth issue of Kult Magazine.


August 10, 2010

Red®um - An Exhibion inspired by Stanley Kubricks "The Shining"

Inspired by Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece of Horror "The Shining". This time we were at The Gallery at Old School, to showcase 25 upcoming artists in an amazing venue. With over 400 people turning up to the opening, it is great to see such a following for these independent events. See the artworks which pay homage to the Director's Director and his vision, in this special curated event...

Photos of event here

See interactive installation

August 10, 2010

Babelego - "Construction of Destruction"

Piece created for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy™. An installation made from lego depicting the destruction of earth. It took 4 weeks and several trips to the lego shop to construct destruction. Approximately 3000 color lego bricks and NO glue. Stands approximately 45 cm high. Very heavy, yet delicate.

November 03, 2009

Ceramic Vase. Edition of 1000 -
48 SGD Available

These vases are made in China in the same place they make those bad ass Chinese vases.More of the non- traditional graphics in the traditional blue & white style that is synonymous with Chinese storytelling. These are more lightweight than the previous vase, and are available for shipping world wide.

Price incl. Shipping
March 28, 2010

Kult Issue #03 -

Curated and Art-Directed the third issue of Kult Magazine. The back cover uses Augmented Reality and the website features an interactive version of the magazine.


March 25, 2010

Russian Roulette -
50cm x 50cm

Artwork created for Kult Magazine, offset printing edition of 100. The 50 x 50cm design is printed onto Antalis high grade museum quality heavy paper. Comes signed and numbered with certificate of Authenticity.

Price incl. Shipping

March 25, 2010

Stockholm vs Tokyo Silkscreen -
30cm x 30cm

Commissioned pair of artworks for private home. Designed to be shown together this diptych comes in a short run of 20 prints. One side represents Stockholm, the other Tokyo. The 30 x 30cm design is hand-pulled silkscreen onto cartridge paper. Black & White.


February 08, 2010

Pretty Ugly -
Digital Canvas

This monstrosity clocks in at 2m x 1m. It is a mega collage created using found imagery over the period 2005 - 2009. Its scale and colour dominates any room and gets people freaking out because they see lots of their favourite shit in there. Digital canvas or printed on paper.

February 05, 2010

Year of the Tiger - Silkscreen
88 SGD

2010. The year of the Tiger. This piece is a 70cm x 50cm silkscreen on rice paper in a limited edition of 100. The traditional chinese rice paper is extremely thin and fragile, so should be framed professionally. Comes signed and numbered with certificate of Authenticity.

Sold Out
December 20, 2009

Transform ZY -
150 SGD

This 70cm x 50cm offset printing edition of 100. The design is printed onto Antalis high grade museum quality heavy paper. Comes signed and numbered with certificate of Authenticity.Available for sale at "A Thousand Tales". Haji Lane Singapore.

Price incl. Shipping
November 10, 2009

3D ViewMaster -
Tiger Translate

We created this dope 3D ViewMaster for Tiger Translate. It was designed as a premium giveaway for some of their global events. We have a couple in our studio, but they are all over the world now.

Tiger Translate
November 03, 2009

Porecelain Vase. Edition of 20 -
180 SGD Sold Out

These vases are made in China in the same place they make those bad ass Chinese vases. I have always wanted to do a non- traditional graphic in the traditional blue & white porcelain that is synonymous with Chinese storytelling.

October 31, 2009

Raw Tee Shirt -

Created this Tee Shirt design for a Halloween party. I can't remember what happened but I don't think they liked the Tee Shirt. But fuck it, I do. It is a collection of loads of B-Movie horrorshow stuff I found and scanned in to form this evil creation. Priced at 37SGD. Sizes available.

October 16, 2009

Kult Issue #02 -

Curated and Art-Directed the second issue of Kult Magazine. The back cover uses Augmented Reality and the website features an interactive version of the magazine. The issue got invited to be part of the Magazine Library in Japan and the Arcade Game version was also flown to Hong Kong to be part of the Microwave New Media Festival in December

October 15, 2009

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep -

Organised a group show in Singapore for 20 friends and it got picked up by the Design Festival. This show brought together artists from a range of disciplines including product design, interactive media, graphic design, photography and illustration. We created a cross between a pop-up shop and an exhibition where all sorts of work inspired by the movie went up for sale at “The Substation” in November 2009.


October 15, 2009

ArtCade Machine -
3D Magazine

As an extension of Kult magazine we created this interactive kiosk in the form of an 80’s Arcade Game Machine. After a few weeks of research we found someone who could construct it and house our papervision 3D interface.


October 15, 2009

Hacienda Series -
40cm x 50cm

This series was created for the Hacienda Cafe in Singapore’s Dempsey area. Available for purchase at 180 SGD. They fit into a standard Ribba Ikea Frame.


September 11, 2009

Wiggins Silkscreen Collection -
50cm x 50cm

A rare edition of 20 prints. Inspired by my mate Mark Wiggins who commissioned a triptych for his home. This is a short run to keep the value high. The 32 x 32cm design is hand-pulled silkscreen onto cartridge paper. Black & White.


September 01, 2009

Sin City Series -
Silk Screen Tees

As part of my Sin City Series, this crime prevention icon is from the TV Times in the 80’s and early 90’s in Singapore. Keep your local crime rate down by buying one of these Sin City Tees. Priced at 37SGD. Sizes available.